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The 100 Fan Explosion - Some Thoughts 
8th-Mar-2016 12:42 pm
Cara goin down on K
I have a few things to say about #the100 fan explosion over Lexa's death. As a fan of the show, of course I was sad to see her go! Eliza and Alycia did a wonderful job of bringing Clarke and Lexa together, not just as two women loving each other, but as two PEOPLE loving each other. One of the things about the show is that sexuality is a non-issue, it isn't addressed, and I think THAT is very forward thinking of everyone involved with the show. To all of the people cursing Jason Rothenberg et al, please keep these things in mind before you use terms like 'queerbaiting':
1. Clarke's boyfriend, who she loved, not only died, but Clarke was actually the one who had to kill him. Jasper fell in love hard, and his girlfriend died. Bellamy's girlfriend died. Clarke's girlfriend died. Lexa is not the only one who died on the show, and Clarke/Lexa is not the only relationship that suffered. In fact... as a lesbian, I actually appreciate the fact that they were treated just the same as any heterosexual couple. It is a step up in equality, if you really think about it. If you want equal rights, you accept equal responsibilities, and I think many people in this debate are overlooking that. You can't cry for gay rights when it suits you and then want special treatment when it doesn't. Jason Rothenberg and #the100 writers and actors have leveled the playing field and taken sexuality out of the equation.
2. Apparently Alycia was only available for 7 episodes this season. It would have been unrealistic to write her off of the show in any way other than death. All of you would have been just as angry if Lexa left Clarke to ride off into the sunset on some journey or another that did not make sense to the story. This show is about more than gay, straight, yellow, red, black, white, up, or down. There is an entire story, an entire, all-encompassing world inside The 100, where relationships are equally as important whether they are romantic in nature or not.
3. I would rather see a realistic conclusion to Clarke and Lexa's love story than a sappy happily-ever-after just because they're gay. It would have been a disservice to everyone to bend and break the norms of the show just to keep young lesbian fans deluded that life is all sunshine and roses when you finally find the one you love. Life is not like that. Period. We do not need two characters on television to fulfill our hopes and dreams. If they happen to do that, on a fluffy rainbows and unicorns kind of show, then yay! Perk! But The 100 is not that show. It is gritty, down-to-earth, hard-hitting and painful.
4. Lexa's character dying does not mean Clarke is suddenly going to jump into the arms of a man, so please, enough with the "queer-baiting to make a hetero romance the endgame" bullshit. Clarke doesn't give a crap whether someone is male or female, and those of you who say you are true fans of the show should be more concerned with Clarke's happiness and Clarke's freedom of choice than with making Clarke adhere to your stringent expectations of what a bisexual lead character should be. Whether Clarke ends up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or no romantic interest whatsoever, should not be the focus of every fan of the show.
To those of you who are thinking of/saying you are going to harm yourselves, please, please, please wake up. If your life is so horrible that a character on television dying makes you want to die, then you really need to seek some help. Tell anyone you trust. But don't tell the actors on the show - that is an unfair and inappropriate burden to lay on someone that is trying to entertain you. After all, it IS just a show. And for those of you who found hope in Clarke and Lexa, you need to turn that inside and find hope in yourself. You need to make your life worth living, not depend on a television show to do it for you. You have to get out there and make the changes. You have to take what you deserve, don't wait for it to be handed to you, or wait for the perfect ending on a tv show to come along. There is no perfect. When you feel hopeless, step outside of your comfort zone and try to give someone else some hope. Visit an elderly person in the hospital or babysit a child with special needs, or send an anonymous note to someone who needs a compliment, just saying something nice about them. Your world does not end because a tv relationship ended. If you are feeling suicidal over this, then you already had a problem long before The 100 ever existed, and it is exacerbating your problem to blame this show for your hopelessness. HOPE IS WITH YOU, NOT WITH ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE. Clarke and Lexa living happily ever after would not mean all young lesbians will find partners and live happily ever after. It just doesn't work that way. Like I said, you have to fight for what you want. Find heroes in the world around you. Real heroes, not fictional ones. (Not to say that Eliza and Alycia aren't heroes, of course ;) )
Last thought for realism: in the world of The 100, a character like Lexa is doomed from the start, to die in battle or by betrayal. It would have been a betrayal of the show's soul to change its core, to change Lexa's predetermined fate. She was a commander of an army. Whether she's gay, straight, bisexual, her linear progression was always toward a grim fate. It wasn't a matter of if, only a matter of when. That being said, the stray bullet was awful. Lexa should have been killed in battle, or slain by a betrayer while Clarke tried to save her, or something equally as poetic as their relationship deserved. It was a disservice to trivialize the way she died, though we all know she had to die. It really was poor writing, although I'm sure that stray bullets do happen in life, I don't believe Lexa should have gone out that way.
Thank you to everyone who brings us such moving television each week on #the100, and thank you for making gayness a non-issue on your show, which is transcendental in the portrayal of life.
8th-Mar-2016 09:09 pm (UTC) - agree 100%
Well said. I recently had this argument with my girlfriend, and you brought up every point that I did. In the end, we just agreed to disagree, but glad to see there is someone else out there who sees the backlash (of a television show meant to entertain, no less) as the insanity that it is. Kudos.
8th-Mar-2016 09:38 pm (UTC)
Disclaimer: I've never even seen an episode of The 100, so my opinion is pretty far off to the side, but it's become such a huge issue in the queer fandom community that it's kind of impossible at this point not to know all the details. And... basically a giant "THIS" to this entire post. Pretty much the only rational discourse on the whole thing I've seen anywhere, TBH.
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